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Professional public relations services for all your organization’s strategic communications needs!

KB Concepts specializes in small businesses and nonprofits. We offer two decades of expertise, highly personalized service and a passion for making a difference — in our community and our world.

Need a makeover? A clearer brand or organizational identity? Publicity for an upcoming event, fully integrated social media program, or support for a great new idea or program?

Let KB Concepts help you tell your organization’s story, set you apart from the competition and get you noticed: Great Ideas for Good Causes!

Karen Bate has more than 20 years professional experience in corporate and nonprofit public relations and marketing as a team leader, strategic planner, public awareness/brand campaign designer, media/social media consultant, editor/writer, special events manager and photographer. She uses these outstanding communications skills to help clients tell their stories, increase membership/sales, gain support for their mission and inspire others to share their passion for making a difference.

KB Concepts is an 8a certified woman-owned business in the State of Virginia.

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You ARE Your Brand

What does a fully integrated brand look like? And how do you make your brand stand out amid all others? First, you have to know very clearly who you are: what you represent, why you are special, and what makes … Continue reading

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What’s Your Brand?

Everyone knows about the importance of branding, but how do you know if you’re doing it right – if at all? What does the term “branding” mean anyway? Branding is a euphemism for all that you – and by extension … Continue reading

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Write It Right: Tips from a Professional Writing Nerd

By Catherine MacDonald. Catherine is an award winning writer and communications professional with deep experience in social media, media relations, graphic design and everything in between. Her publications experience includes serving as an editor at a monthly glossy magazine, managing a twice weekly … Continue reading

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To Be Perfectly Honest…

Recent studies reveal that starting a sentence with the phrase above or its sister, “To tell you the truth…” basically warns the listener they are about to be lied to. It may be just a little white lie, so what’s … Continue reading

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All You Need Is Love

Like everyone who attended the Arlington Chamber’s annual meeting last month, I was moved by the surprising – and yet now so obvious – keynote address by Dr. Matthew Shank, President of Marymount University. Dr. Shank, in his warm, funny … Continue reading

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